Ethical Halloween Costume: Little Edie Beale

I adore Little Edie Beale, cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, fashion icon, and original quirky girl. How can you not love someone who says, "I’m not ashamed of anything. Where my body is is a very precious place"? If you haven't seen Grey Gardens, I urge you to watch it (I know it is on Hulu Plus and imagine it's also on Netflix). There is also an enjoyable adaptation with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. 

Waste and ethics are the scariest parts of Halloween to me. You can be sure someone will make a culture into a costume, or be a sexy-cliché, and cheap candy, props, and toys proliferate. So when I have reason to dress up for Halloween, I like the challenge of finding a unique costume that is cheap, ethical, and comfortable. Between my adoration and her style, Little Edie fits the bill perfectly. Below are just three of the many options for playing the part of Little Edie. She wears different ensembles throughout the documentary, so just about any scarf, skirt, pump option will work. Pieces could easily be thrifted as well. Any brooch would do, but the one shown below is a reproduction piece for the Grey Gardens Collection! I just had to share that that exists! Option 2 was my costume last year. My family and I are going to brave the NYC Halloween Parade this year, so I will likely wear it again with my faux fur thrown overtop.

Little Edie Costume Option 1: Revolutionary Costume

Ethical Halloween Costume: Little Edie Beale |

Little Edie Costume Option 2: Patriotic Dance

Right before her dance, her mother (Big Edie) expresses doubt about her ability to do a military style dance. Little Edie responds, "Why, are you absolutely crazy? There isn't anything I can't do." 

Ethical Halloween Costume: Little Edie Beale |

Wear at halloween + the rest of the year

Little Edie Costume Option 3: Fur & Astrology

Many times during the documentary, Little Edie reads from Zolar's It's All in the Stars, using a magnifying glass to see the small print. This outfit can be seen in this picture, but she also wears the coat on the cover of the documentary. Again, any scarf and clothing option will do. Be unique and creative like Edie!

  brooch  |  coat  |  magnifying glass  |  shoes

Have a safe, happy, and ethical Halloween!

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