Ethically Update Your Closet with a Clothing Swap

Don't Shop, Swap! via The Note Passer

A great way to ethically breathe new life into your wardrobe is with a clothing swap. When the season changes, it's a great time to sort through your closet and swap with friends. My friend, Christina, was kind enough to host one at her apartment last Thursday.

After everyone arrived, we dumped everything in the middle of the floor and had a free-for-all. We tried on, laughed, and scored some great new-to-us items. I met some new friends and was re-united with Alt Summit buddy, Lauren. This is the third clothing swap I've been to and they are always a blast. All you need are some unwanted clothes, some food, some wine, and some willing participants. You get the best parts of shopping without spending a penny! When you're done, whatever is left can go to your favorite charity shop. 

If you don't want to have a swap party, consider selling your clothes to Twice or Closet Dash for cash or credits. Whatever you do, have fun! 

Happy swapping!


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