NYC Halloween Parade 2013

The New York City Halloween Parade viaThe Note Passer

Thursday night was the 40th annual NYC Halloween Parade that moves from Spring Street to 16th Street along 6th Avenue. Nathan, my brother, my dad, and I all went for the first time to watch. Crowded out around 14th Street, we moved down to 11th and pressed in with what seemed like most of Manhattan. I jostled into a place near the barricades to take photos, crammed together with strangers. A light rain fell as heads bobbed and craned in anticipation and people continued to press in behind. I shifted from foot to foot for what seemed like an hour. At last, thumping music heralded the procession of floats, puppets, and promenaders that moved past in a dizzying display. Characters skirted the barricades, scaring spectators. Like the Easter Hat Day Parade, it's a participatory event and anyone may process as long as they are in costume. Maybe next year, I'll go in as Little Edie!


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