Refashioning The Man Repeller

Refashioning The Man Repeller via The Note Passer

I was never one of those girls with boy band posters on the wall. I've never really cared that deeply about or been that interested in celebrities. That being said, I do have some crushes running around in the world. Usually, they're of the known, but not stalked variety of fame: Bill Cunningham is one (two sightings so far) and Leandra Medine (a.k.a. The Man Repeller) is another. I actually saw her about two feet away in the line for J. Crew at NY Fashion Week this year. If I'd been more courageous, I would have asked for a photo. I used to read her website, The Man Repeller, everyday. She occupies a formative space between runway fashion and street fashion that I find safe — noncommittal to brand, style, or function. Lately, I just haven't been a daily reader, but a new series brought me back and I wanted to pass it on to you. 

Leandra reports on fashion trends with a kind of sartorial sixth sense, so I'm not at all surprised that she has perceived a shift in consumerism towards buying less. In her new series, How to: Make an Old Dress New Again, she says, "I’m at this curious crossroad right now where I don’t want to be buying new things — instead just making what already exists in my closet feel as crisp at it did when it first landed there." That someone who makes her living being fashionable doesn't want to buy more signals to me a positive shift away from mindless consumerism. Vivienne Westwood has said the same for quite some time. And an increasing number of celebrities are creating or supporting ethical fashion lines. I love all of it and may need some celebrity posters on my wall after all.


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