How To: Throw a Gin Tasting Part 2

2. The Gin

o you've decided on your invites and inspiration and it's time to choose your gin. If you're a nerd like me, you'll feel compelled to learn about the history before embarking on this aromatic adventure. From Dutch medicinal to English poison, from bathtubs to palaces, gin has had a long and sordid history. Unflagging, it stood the test of time and evolved into a modern and complex spirit.

Below is a visual history of the most important parts of gin's past: 

A Visual History of Gin -

A great quote about the effects of gin from my favorite book/play/movie:

Breakfast at Tiffany's -

And now, the gin.

Which gins you choose to taste is up to you. You may want to choose from the top ten or perhaps a selection from a specific area. For our party, we have selected from local New York distilleries. Below are the four gins that we will taste and then highlight in specialty cocktails (they are in order from sweetest to driest).

Click anywhere on the profiles to go to the distiller's website.

It is definitely hard to choose without trying first. Like I said, if you can, go to your local liquor store and get some advice. Sometimes they'll even crack open a bottle and let you taste! You can also go to a well-stocked bar to try them for yourself. 


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