How To: Throw a Gin Tasting Part 3

3. Cocktails

Welcome back! In Part 1 we prepped and in Part 2 we learned all about gin. Now it's time to choose cocktails to highlight your selection. This is great fun and, of course, requires lots of pre-tasting. With friends, maybe some appys? Aaannndd now you're having a a pre-tasting tasting party. I digress.

Below is the mix of traditional and contemporary recipes we will be using. Cheers (Drink To That)!

 Breuckelen Gin  |  twisted bar spoon  | Libbey zombie glass

Breuckelen Gin | twisted bar spoon | Libbey zombie glass

The Bomb Collins is, of course, an iteration on the Tom Collins. Peach and sage make it the perfect drink to kick off the summer. Enjoy in the sunshine.

This take on the traditional French 75 replaces simple syrup with the syrupy goodness that is St. Germain. I'd say that makes it extra French.

A classic Martini with 3 different garnish options. What's your pick?

This is one of my summertime favs: Gin & Tonic with a rosemary sprig. Add a cucumber slice to the whole thing to make it extra refreshing! Again, best served in the sunshine.

Gin is an accomplished spirit with a rich history. New recipes and distilleries are reviving the industry and I hope you will give them a taste.

It's 5:00 somewhere. Happy weekend!

Extra Credit:

Cheers to Mrs. Lilien for inspiration - check out her blog!

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