Fire Island Adventure

Fire Island Adventure - The Note Passer

I'm back! We had an awesome, adventurous weekend in Fire Island. Unfortunately our arrival coincided with that of the super derecho on Thursday night and we arrived soaking wet. Even if we hadn't been in the storm, it has been raining a lot and there were huge puddles scattered all over the island and on the path to our friend Justin's house. 

On Friday, we walked around the island and saw some of the destruction from Hurricane Sandy. Many houses are in various stages of construction and around 90 were completely destroyed. The freight dock was washed away and still has not been replaced, but much of the pier in Ocean Beach is rebuilt and refreshed. The good news is that not many people make Fire Island their permanent residence, so most of them are second or rental homes. Slowly, but surely things are returning to normal.

The guys decided to launch Justin's boat, GRANMA. It was being stored in the yard and had to be moored, moved and launched into the bay where they could point to it Zissou-style. They took it out for a shakedown cruise on Saturday, but I was too busy napping to get any photos. Nathan is now convinced he wants to be a sailor.

Our time on the island usually includes some kind of trek with Nathan assuming the role and costume of Huckleberry Finn. This trip was no exception.

There is one school on the island. It being Friday, it was in session and the school bus ambled down the beach to transport kids home. Imagine for a minute that that was your commute...amazing.

Our last night included a trip to "town" for ice cream and cookies. I'm so glad we took the time to go despite the weather and craziness happening around here. I feel more relaxed and ready for Alt Summit on Thursday.

So much more on Alt coming to you soon! 


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