Guide to Ethical Shopping Sites

All this month, I've been working through the my issues with the conventional fashion industry. I've investigated brands and passed on resources. I'm now committed to buying only ethical clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, and accessories. I know you are probably inwardly groaning at the thought of this kind of fashion. People tend to picture hemp tunics and Birkenstocks. But the truth is, ethical fashion has come a long way. It's been refreshing to find so many fashionable, well-made, and affordable choices. And it's exciting to see design, fashion, and sustainability come together in such beautiful ways.

Now comes the fun part: I've collected the best ethical fashion aggregating sites and I'm passing them on to you! These websites do the investigative work for you so you can shop guilt-free! Read about them, bookmark them, go to them first when you shop online, and choose to be a conscious consumer.

Zady | Women, Men & Home

Recently launched by friends, Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi, here's what they have to say about their site:

We decided to come together using our respective knowledge of supply chain and digital mediums to provide an alternative—a destination of beautifully curated products including womenswear, menswear and a collection of items for the home, where every single piece has both a traceable origin and a rich story.

Read more about their story here on Fashinista.


Yooxygen | Women & Men

Yooxygen is an eco-friendly curated section of Yoox.xom:

YOOXYGEN aims to spread environmental awareness by collaborating with a series of international brands, designers and talents. Founded in 2009 on occasion of Earth Day, YOOXYGEN presents a series of new eco-sustainable projects, a selection of eco-friendly fashion and design, and exclusive limited-edition collections.


Helpsy | Women, Men & Home

If crunchy lifestyles and yoga pants come to mind when you think of ethical fashion, you're not alone. HELPSY's goal is to change this misconception and to curate apparel and products that are as beautiful, exciting, and design-forward as they are ethical. HELPSY was founded on the belief that design-forward, cutting-edge fashion can have a social impact, 100% of the time.  

Their definition of what is ethical is helping to guide my choices. Bottom of the about page here


Here, you can source beautiful, high quality garments that are made in an environmentally and socially responsible way. You can shop by garment type, philosophy or designer, with each product featuring a nifty eco/ethical checklist so you know exactly what it stands for.


At One Mango Tree, we believe that economic empowerment provides the foundation for sustainable peace and development. Our model revolves around this belief, going beyond fair trade to create jobs and improve quality of life in some of the most challenging environments in the world. 


Modavanti | Women

Modavanti is the destination for the new generation of socially conscious consumers, like ourselves, who are looking to find stylish and sustainable fashion that fits our values without compromising on quality or design. At Modavanti we have a three-pronged framework for sustainability: environmentally friendly, ethical sourcing and social good.

 Get $20 of in-store credit when you register.


Mata Traders | Women & Home

Our mission is to work with organizations that educate, employ, and empower women. Spending time with these groups has helped us realize that even the most traditional women, when given the opportunity, thrive in a sphere of meaningful work that is outside their homes and families. We have also learned that equality in the workplace IS possible in a country as socially stratified as India.  Whether a beginner sewer or the marketing director, all the women that make our clothing and accessories have a voice.  We are so proud to be a part of that voice by bringing you their quality handiwork in a high fashion, fairly traded product line.


Made | Women, Men, Home & Outdoor

As brands realize they can make incredible products in America, Americans are realizing that good stuff happens when they buy those products, from job creation to reduced carbon footprint. American manufacturing is being reborn, and all of a sudden there are lots of sexy, stylish, premium, American-made products out there to choose from. Made Collection curates premium American-made products and offers them directly to customers at discounted prices in a fun, flash-sale format. Every theme-based collection features the coolest brands and hidden gems of American manufacturing.


 Ethica | Women & Beauty

Ethica is an online retailer where you can learn about ethical fashion, discover emerging designers, and shop a high-style selection of ethical and sustainable labels. Our goal is to connect consumers and companies that share a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Through this website, we hope to contextualize shopping within a larger global narrative, highlighting the very real impacts of our collective consumption choices.


Launched in S/S’10, the ASOS Green Room showcases the hottest labels in sustainable fashion. Our eco-cool edit features a range of environmentally friendly textiles and supports fair trade principles and traditional craftsmanship. The Green Room also houses a range of Made in the UK pieces supporting local manufacturers, alongside our ASOS AFRICA collection, which is designed in-house and produced in Kenya, in continuing collaboration with SOKO.


Archival | Unisex

Founded in Eugene, Oregon in 2009, Archival makes durable objects that are practical and free of complications. All our goods are made in the USA, without exception. We use as many US-sourced materials as possible without sacrificing quality. Even our packaging is domestically produced. We believe strongly in investing in our community, and we act accordingly. Your dollar is your vote.

Check out their blog, too! 


Alternative Apparel | Women & Men

With apparel, it's simple: we can all make a difference with what we wear. In 2007, Alternative introduced its sustainable Alternative Earth line, featuring a collection of eco-friendly products manufactured with organic cotton, recycled polyester and man-made fibers derived from sustainable raw materials such as rayon. Today, Alternative Earth includes some of the brand's bestselling styles and makes up 30 percent of the entire Alternative line, with a portion of sales benefitting a variety of environmental organizations and charities.

While not technically an aggregator, this site has so many good pieces, I just had to include it. 

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Abe's Market |  Women, Kids, Home & More

Abe's Market is a marketplace to discover fantastic natural products. We help consumers understand what is in the products and meet the passionate people who make them.

This site has fashion and so much more! Take your time with this one! 


Beklina  | Women & Home

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 4.31.38 PM.png

Based in Northern California, our shop is a family business that tightly curates the strongest thinkers and artists in the fashion world today, emphasizing USA made, well crafted heirloom wares with sustainable ideals. Portraying our aesthetic, Beklina continues to present pieces that are versatile and timeless. 

 This is a beautifully curated site!


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