An Open Letter to New York City Drivers

An Open Letter to New York City Drivers |

Dear New York City Driver,

I'm writing because I feel some tension in our relationship. As a resident of the Upper West Side, recent pedestrian accidents have been disturbing in both proximity and detail. I'm sure you feel the same.

Though we have never met, I'm sure you'd agree it's imperative that we maintain a level of trust in order for the city to function. As a pedestrian, I must responsibly cross at the crosswalk and remain alert as I hustle to my destination, but you must do the same. That trust goes both ways. Listen. I realize driving would be much easier for you if I were not around, but that's never going to be the case. I know you contend with bikes and car doors and strollers peeking out at curbs. I've seen you act like the road is yours alone as you honk and speed through crosswalks, but I've also seen you wait patiently for elderly citizens to cross. And I realize accidents happen even when we are cautious. I've misjudged lights and crossed at the wrong time. There's a certain amount of risk we accept as pedestrians or bicyclists; I'm just asking that you reduce that risk by being vigilant and careful with us.  

Remember that we are all residents of this metropolis, but you and I only meet at the intersections of streets and lives. The difference is I am exposed in that street and you are encased in steel—so let's meet there with care. The same way I fend for my fellow pedestrians walking into harm, I ask you to be my protector on the road by being an example of safety and trustworthiness. I think that would go a long way in our repairing our relationship. Let us be gentle with each other as we navigate this city and this life.



New York City Pedestrian 


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