Photo Essay: Views From My Grandparents' House

Photo Essay: Views From My Grandparents' House |

For almost my whole life, I lived a block away from my grandparents' house in Central Florida. I went away to college, my parents moved to Northern Florida and then New York, and my grandparents stayed in their home for thirty-seven years. It was a place of comfort, of familiarity, and I loved visiting them there. This year they made the decision to move to Arkansas to be closer to my aunt and her family. It was a good, but difficult choice.

While I was in Florida this summer, I had the fortune of visiting my grandparents in their home for one last time as they packed up, sold off, and prepared to move thirty-seven years' worth of possessions. Of course, I documented the process and all of the familiar scenes I want to remember. Here are some of my favorites. Click to enlarge.


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