Photo Club: Grand Central

Photo Club: Grand Central |

My friends, Krista and Jim, and I have formed a photography club! We had our first outing in January to Grand Central Terminal. GCT is a fascinating structure and place to photograph strangers, but there are some challenges to overcome. Challenges include being in the way of people trying to get somewhere and lighting. Movement in low light is both a challenge and an asset, as you can see below. 

We couldn't meet until evening, so natural light was non-existent and the indoor lighting casts everything in yellow. Photo club also unanimously decided to have a drink at Campbell Apartment prior to shooting; the large Prohibition Punch I imbibed probably did not help my technique, either. I subsequently did not set my white balance to correct for the yellow light. I did a lot of color balance corrections post process, or just made them black and white. AMATEUR TIP: Making a photo black and white can cover a multitude of sins like color balance or a boring shot. I think the contrast of a black and white photo often can take a boring shot and make the light and shadows more interesting. I even added grain to some which makes them look more like film shots. I don't normally do this, but it seemed appropriate to GCT's setting.

Ever the pragmatist, I decided to use my tipsy state to the extreme, lowered the aperture on my camera, and came away with some cool blurry light shots. Our friend, Jes, arrived later and was happy to play the role of model.




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