Six Items Challenge: My Picks

On Wednesday, I told you about the Six Items Challenge I'm participating in. I decided to take this opportunity to carefully go through my wardrobe as I chose my six items; I found a few items to send to Twice, a few for Yerdle, and deliberated until I chose THE six.

  1. a t-shirt bought at a Carsick Cars show
  2. a J.Crew sweater I just got from Twice
  3. a short-sleeve white blouse
  4. a vintage sheer black blouse
  5. black ankle length pants
  6. dark boyfriend jeans

As I made my choices, I relied heavily on this Pinterest board of classic looks. I hope it will also come in handy as I remix my options over the next six weeks! I stuck to a neutral color palette because I didn't see anyway around that. The weather is still cold, so I went with pants. I'm a little concerned about the coming Spring weather, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I'll be blogging over these six weeks about my challenges and motivations. 

If you're interested in joining the challenge, please do! You can sign up here.


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