Fashion Revolution Day

I went to an Earth Day event in Union Square yesterday. The first thing I saw was United Airlines pushing their Eco-Skies program with a bunch of plastic swag in plastic bags. I can't find good numbers on the pollution of the airline industry, but suffice it to say that it runs on toxic fuel and puts out tons of CO2 and other gases. The Eco-Skies program apparently plans to combat this by changing the kinds of cups they use. Well done.

As I continued to walk around Union Square, I saw Toyota, Virgin Airlines, ConEdison, Glad, and other corporations pushing the very least environmental thing they could do as if it were some kind of revolutionary change. I saw Honest Tea pouring beverages from plastic bottles into tiny plastic cups for sampling and then asking people to recycle. All of this was creating more waste than if the Earth Day event never happened! 

One of the good things I saw was a table by Fashion Revolution Day about the #insideout campaign starting tomorrow. 

Fashion Revolution Day |

Fashion Revolution seeks to educate consumers about the true cost of fast fashion in terms of human lives. Fashion Revolution Day will use fashion as a medium for positive change. April 24th will commemorate the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse and remember the victims of the tragedy. This year’s Fashion Revolution Day asks the question, “Who Made Your Clothes?”, empowering consumers to be curious about the origins of their clothes while showing support for transparency across the entire fashion supply chain.

Fashion Revolution Day |

Tomorrow, wear an item of clothing #insideout and share a picture of your statement via social media to show support, start a conversation, and push for change. Despite my disappointment with Earth Day, I'm optimistic about tomorrow. I'll be attending some events in NYC and sharing on social media. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow me, share your #insideout clothing with me and @Fash_Rev, and show your support for the movement.

Let's be the change we wish to see in the world.


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