Ethical Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Ethical Gift Guide: Mother's Day |

First things first. I think, as we do with other holidays, we get caught up in the consumerism of Mother's Day. Stores urge us to show our mother figures we care with...things. Things she probably doesn't need, if you really asked her. Buying stuff is not always the best way to show your mother figure you love her, so I'll implore you to honestly ask her what she would like for her special day. She will likely say something like, "I have everything I need" or "to spend time with you" and instead of seeing these responses as coy, let's take them for what they are. She probably would just like to spend time with you. If you are in close proximity, you could plan a special outing together or cook her a meal. If you don't live close together, you could plan your next visit and what you'll do together. 

All that being said, sometimes moms do need things or are far away where we aren't able to visit often enough. If you decide to honor her with a gift, here are some fantastic ethical options. 

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Happy Mother's Day to all of the women out there who keep us loved and safe and encourage us to be our best selves!

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