Memorial Day at Camp Whiskeywood

Over Memorial Day weekend, Nathan and I took another trip to Camp Whiskeywood (the adorable home of our friends, Sas and Sivan). Our last trip was in the fall, but now Vermont is in the full bloom of spring. I appreciated the nature (okay, I ran away from bees and panicked about ticks) and did my usual photography session in the yard. 

The food was, as always, fresh and delicious. We shucked and grilled corn (my first of the season), prepped, washed, and cooked as a cohesive unit, despite many of us meeting for the first time. I'm never disappointed by the company and conversation at Camp Whiskeywood. 

Nathan took his customary post as bonfire builder to facilitate warmth and s'mores. And it being Memorial Day, we added sparklers to the festivities (always a fantastic photo-op). Thanks to Sas and Sivan for another wonderful visit! Check out their hot new projects: Lot 7 Coworking and Stonecutter Spirits.

I hope you all had a safe and happy weekend, too! 


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