Suzanne Rae: Winning Sustainability in New York City

Photo credit: Christopher Gabello

Photo credit: Christopher Gabello

You all know I am the worst model, so I was bemused to find myself in front of a professional photographer a few weeks ago. I went with pals Christina and Emma to an event at Spiritual America for the new Suzanne Rae collection, which advertised the opportunity to try on an item and have your picture taken. I did go and I did try on a dress, but what I didn't grasp was that a for realz photographer would be taking photos for an exhibit. An exhibit! Fantastic! My NYC photographic debut is me motionless with a petrified look on my face. At least my dress was exquisite thanks to Suzanne.

Brooklyn-based designer Suzanne Rae Pelaez created her namesake line in 2010 after honing her skills at the design ateliers of Costume National in Milan. Sustainability and social awareness are foundational to the brand, as you can see from their many initiatives.

Suzanne Rae

  • produces in New York City’s Garment District, helping to keep jobs in America while producing high quality garments.
  • pays employees proper wages in a safe working environment.
  • produces locally to reduce energy consumption by way of decreased transportation and resources.
  • supports not only the District, but the next generation of American designers by producing all of their pieces in New York City’s Garment District.
  • collaborates with expert artisans that keep the Peruvian tradition of knitting alive.
  • work with women's cooperatives on the outskirts of Lima, promoting work that gives them the means to support their families.
  • supports the slow fashion movement in reducing clothing waste and encourages people to go back to purchasing quality garments that will last a lifetime.
  • incorporates luxurious yet socially- and environmentally-friendly materials with more than 75% of fabrics consisting of biodegradable natural fibers.
  • is involved with several women's groups around New York City, including Girls Inc., a leading advocacy organization focused on providing mentorship, education, and a voice for young women around the country; and WIN, a transformative homeless shelter for women and their children.
  • is also involved with other environmentally conscious organizations, such as the Endangered Species Coalition, a community organization that works to protect our nation’s disappearing wildlife and last remaining wild places.

Suzanne's pieces are available in several countries and on various websites. Below are some of my favorite items and the sites carrying them. Consider adding one of her versatile pieces to your forever wardrobe.

Spiritual America

Suzanne Rae: Winning Sustainability in New York City |



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