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Sustainable Summer Fest

Sustainable Summer Fest was a success! We proved that sustainability can party and we have the photos to prove it. Watch for a recap coming very soon!

Notable This Week |

The Shirt on Your Back Interactive

This came out back in April, but I had saved it away and just took the time to go through it. It's an excellent example of how design, technology, and education can make a subject more immersive. 

This interactive documentary will take you to the heart of this story. It will take you where millions make our clothes. While you're with us, and them, we'll keep track of how much they earn making our clothes and how much we spend buying them. via The Guardian

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The Most Water-Stressed Cities in the World

Water shortages are becoming a scary reality in many parts of the world, most notably in urban areas and developing countries:

To gauge the scale of the problem, the Nature Conservancy recently published a first global database of urban water sources and stress for more than 500 cities. The results surprised even the authors of the report. via Fast Company

The Mayday PAC

More than 90% of Americans agree that our government is broken because of the money in politics. Members of Congress waste their time raising money instead of working for the people they are supposed to represent. The Mayday PAC, formed by law professor and activist Lawrence Lessig and others, aims to elect a Congress committed to fundamental reform in the way political campaigns are funded by 2016. The PAC will operate in both the 2014 and 2016 election cycles and wants to eventually secure constitutional reform. If you'd like to be a part of this movement, donate and 100% of you money will be devoted to campaigns. 

We want to use big money (collected from the many) to fight big money (collected from the few). Ironic, we understand. But embrace the irony. If we can pull together a large enough pool of money through this campaign, we can convince Americans that they can change the way money matters in politics. We can create a system in which it isn’t the influence of a few that matters. Instead, as any democracy should, it would be the influence of a majority that matters. via 

Notable This Week |

Biodegradable Urns Will Turn You Into A Tree After You Die

Sustainability, even in death. 

A nonprofit organization in Toronto, Canada ( is now offering the Bios Urn, a funerary urn made from biodegradable materials that will turn you into a tree after you die. via Good News Network


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