The Halloween Issue

There's something about Halloween that makes adults either love or loathe it. Perhaps it's costumes and late-night revelry that makes people lose their minds. It can be fun to get together and relish traditionally frightening themes, but anyone who still doesn't understand that costumes are not an excuse for an offensive caricature of a group should be forced to stay in and watch Dear White People. Follow this helpful infographic if you aren't sure. 

I've rounded up some past posts to help you have a happier and more sustainable Halloween. Throwing a party? Read about the horrors of the party industry and then get tips for doing better. Going out in costume? Don't even think about buying a cheap one; save money and face by using what you've got. Straight up staying in and watching Scream Queens in your pjs? Make some healthy snacks that won't give you an ugly sugar hangover. 

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Let's take Halloween back this year, together. Share your sustainable costume on Instagram for a chance to win $200 on Etsy. There are three easy steps to enter:

  1. Follow @remakeourworld on Instagram.
  2. Share a photo of you dressed up in a DIY, recycled, or otherwise ethically made costume on Instagram.
  3. Tag your photo using the hashtag #remakeourworld.

Contest runs from 10/20-11/1. The most creative costume will win a $200 gift card on Etsy!

Oh, and I've secretly been doing some drawing over here and I drew some topical costume options for your enjoyment.