Heart Opening Yoga Practice for Valentine's Day

I'm happy to share with you a video by Bianca Alexander, a fellow member of the Ethical Writers Coalition. Bianca is an EMMY award winning TV journalist, content producer, writer, and curator. In 2006, she and her husband Michael co-founded Conscious Living, an award-winning national multi-platform broadcast and digital news network which showcases the latest stories in spirituality, health and sustainability. There is so much more to see, so check out Conscious Living and follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

We all want more love, right? But it's impossible to fully give or receive love unless you have an open heart. Unfortunately, self-loathing, social conditioning, past hurts, and even improper posture can lead us to feel that it is safer to close our hearts in order to avoid potential pain or rejection than to open ourselves up to love. This can block our fourth, or "anahata" chakra (sanskrit translation: "unstuck, unhurt, or unbeaten"), the subtle energy field corresponding to the heart, causing us to feel disconnected from our truest selves, uncompassionate, unloving, or simply unlovable.

On this episode of Conscious Living®, I share one of my favorite heart-opening yoga sequences. By aligning the breath with body, mind and spirit, this five minute practice will help release stuck emotions and open your heart to deeper levels of healing, love and compassion for yourself and others.


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