Sustainable Lingerie Made in NYC: Uye Surana

Sustainable Lingerie Made in NYC: Uye Surana |

Imagine meeting the person who designed an item you will wear. Imagine knowing that item was made in your community, providing jobs and a safe environment. I'm so privileged to live in city where manufacturing is returning, and independent designers are finding an audience.

This was the feeling I had when I met Monica Wesley. Monica is the designer behind the line Uye Surana (pronounced Yoo Sur-rah-nuh), a New York based and manufactured label that creates lingerie, clothing, and loungewear that blurs the line between inner and outerwear. I went by her studio last month to shop lingerie and check out the space. Fortunately for you, the studio store will be open through March on Thursdays 12-7pm. Feel free to go by and meet Monica, see the products in person, and learn more about the brand. You can check the events page for the address and upcoming events, some of which are outside of NYC. 

Uye Surana creates pieces made from high-quality materials like silk, mesh, and lace and specializes in unique hand-dyed silk techniques. One of the coolest examples of this is a speckle print made by spraying dye and water directly onto the fabric, which uses less materials and energy than other dye techniques. Additionally, the brand takes care to reduce material waste by designing unique cuts and occasionally incorporating deadstock materials. 

Beyond the sustainability of the pieces, they are thoughtfully designed and comfortable to wear. I got the Lace & Silk Longline Bra and the Knit Trimmed Shorts. The pieces don't seem overly delicate, but I'll be sure to hand wash them with care so that I may keep them a long time. 

Sustainable Lingerie Made in NYC: Uye Surana |

If you aren't in NYC, you can shop Uye Surana online. Below are some of my favorites and the items talked about throughout this piece, some of which are on sale. 


Shop Uye Surana


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