Hand-Dyed Lingerie with Uye Surana

Did you know it's National Lingerie Week? In celebration of this occasion, Monica Wesley of Uye Surana invited me and Alden to hand-dye some undies in her studio. I've never dyed anything myself, so I was interested to give it a try. I'm happy to report I did not spill anything on myself or dye the floor pink. Monica was very prepared and had everything set up when we arrived.  

The dye was heated up and ready. Different temperatures yield slightly different results, as does time spent in the dye, amount of rinsing, and fabric type. We dyed a modal/spandex/cotton blend that was made in NYC.

I donned protective gloves and dip dyed a few times until I created a bright pink ombré. I rinsed the excess dye out and they were ready to dry. It was a very simple process and now I have a one-of- a-kind piece to add to my collection. Thanks to Alden for taking photos of me while I was busy dyeing. 

Order your own pair and Monica will dye them for you. She does this process on demand so as not to waste product. Pretty smart! 

Uye Surana is offering an exclusive discount for $5 off all colorways of their Ombre Cut-Out Brief. It covers the shipping cost for orders in the US, and applies as a discount for international orders. Enter the code THENOTEPASSER1 at checkout. Good through May 31st. Purchasing available below and on Uye Surana

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