Celebrate American Made Brands

Celebrate the 4th this year with Made in America stats and stockists. Check out this infographic produced by Zady and then get to know some brands that are producing here, which creates jobs and keeps profits in the local economy. Definitely worth celebrating.


Sourcing American made clothing is a separate category from "ethical," and requires some research into a company's manufacturing when shopping online (unless they state where the item was made, a detail that is not required online). In stores, you can check the tag for where the item was made. Both can be time-consuming, so lemme help you out here. 

  • Zady's in-house Essentials Collection is produced entirely in the US. They have created a sweater and t-shirt and are sure to have more in the works. 
  • Made Close will tell you the goods made locally in your community. They share the brand stories and transparency directly on their shoppable site.
  • Made in the USA Challenge keeps a running master list of products.
  • Similarly, A Continuous Lean has a list of "stylish and cool brands that make their goods in America".
  • Shop the Martha Stewart American Made market
  • A thoroughly American good, many of the jeans in my Guide to Ethical Denim are made in the USA. 
  • Shop around Ethica's Made in the USA section.
  • Slow fashion brand Alabama Chanin is made from organic cotton, sourced from seed to fabric and made in the US.
  • Archival carries a curated collection of unisex, heirloom-quality, made in the US clothing and accessories. 
  • Shana Tabor's line, In God We Trust, is made in her studio or in the NY fashion district.
  • Canadian Tara St. James creates her collection, Study, in NYC’s garment district using both ethical fabrics and production methods.
  • Feral Childe is proudly manufactured in New York City's Garment Center.
  • Reformation makes all of their cool girl clothes in their eco-friendly factory in Los Angeles. Of course. 
  • Newcomer Chan + Krys is locally and ethically made in the New York Garment District through a combination of made-to-order and small batch production.
  • Lingerie brand, Uye Surana, is made right here in NYC.
  • Another brand, Only Hearts, has made their lingerie in NYC since 1978.
  • More lingerie: Brook There products are designed, cut and sewn in the state of Maine.
  • Fibershed certifies that the products they sell have been raised, grown, milled, and produced by artisans within the Northern California fibershed.
  • Menswear brand, Grown & Sewn, makes all of their items in the US. 
  • Left Field NYC is made in, you guessed it, NYC. It was started back in 1998 when no one was thinking about American made goods. 
  • Manready Mercantile carries small-batch products from apparel to food that are made in America. 

There are many more brands making their wares locally and ethically. If you have a favorite, tell us all in the comments. 


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