The Second Hand Issue

We at the Ethical Writers Coalition are challenging you to buy second hand first this season. All September, we will be discussing the value of thrift, how-tos, where to donate your own goods, and more! You game? 

Our goals include:

  1. Promote second hand first.
  2. Simplify wardrobes and find the proper outlet for discards.
  3. Value the work of designers and factory workers by giving new life to discarded things. 

To get you started are some of our past posts on the topic. Get in on the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest with #ethicalwritersco. 

From the Note Passer Archives

From the Ethical Writers Coalition

From cleaning out to over-consumption, the Ethical Writers have got you covered. Follow us for more posts throughout the month. Click through each photo for the post. 

Around the Web

Here are a few things I've been reading about second hand this month. 

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