Is Your Coconut Oil a Product of Animal Cruelty?

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Surely you do your best to make the most ethical choices when shopping for products for your home.  Some things you might consider: Were these products fairly traded? Were they produced under fair and ethical labor conditions? Were these products tested on animals? Does this product contain something like palm oil that is a leading cause of deforestation and a major contributor to the plight of the orangutan?

These are great questions to ask and certainly worth the additional effort it may take to get answers.

But, prepare to be bummed out, because I’ve got another disconcerting problem for you to consider: were the coconuts harvested for use in your coconut oil products picked by enslaved pig tailed macaques?

Yes. You read that correctly. And, sadly, no, I’m not joking.

Human beings have a great capacity for love, compassion, kindness, and advancing our civilization and culture to great heights.

And yet, we are also excellent at exploiting and mistreating others in the name of profit and progress.

I honestly thought I’ve heard it all throughout the years as I try to be more aware of how the products I use are made and where the products I consume come from. Some of the things I’ve learned about: factory workers who are forced to work unreasonably long hours in unsafe working conditions; undocumented injuries occurring in factories with little to no efforts made to rectify the problem; factory farmers cramming highly intelligent pigs into gestation crates during their pregnancy so they cannot move; the stealing of dolphins and whales for use in the marine parks industry or also for meat. The list goes on…

The horrors we inflict on our fellow beings are appalling and I know that any sane person would reject this treatment as barbaric if only they stopped to consider it.

Which brings me to these monkeys.

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