Make, Eat, Give: Surviving the Holidays as a Sustainable Foodie

This holiday season is gonna be awkward. Let's focus on the food, shall we? 

Almost all of our holidays revolve around food and a meal together — that's kind of the point. They grew out of harvest festivals and celebrations during times when people didn't have as much access to food as we do now (or as much waste). I love the holidays for this reason and now that my brother and I are grown, my family concentrates on meals and our time together, rather than on the recent annexation of consumerism. Since becoming a vegan, I've also learned that holiday rituals remain intact even when some of the traditional foods are absent or replaced.

However you choose to celebrate, there will likely be food. Make it, bring it, gift it, eat it. Below are some vegan cookbooks and ethically made tools, ingredients, and gifts that will get sustainable foodies of all stripes through the holiday season. And keep reading to the very end for a special invocation/meditation/conjuring for when you go home this year. 



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An invocation for Holiday Travel

Thanks be to the earth for sustaining us. Let us acknowledge the finite resources available and to use them wisely and graciously. 

May we be safe from violence and oppression as we travel through areas hostile to our being. 

May we be a bright light on fairness and justice with our choice of foods, gifts, actions, and words.

May we find the courage and strength to exercise the values of dignity and respect for all members of the human family.

Grant us the will to listen and hear what is actually being said. May our conversations nurture understanding and inclusiveness and bring clarity to the way forward together.

May we find the courage and diplomacy to call out any racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, or any other transgressions we witness.  

And if all else fails, may we find the grace and dignity to sit quietly and stare into our wine.



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