Nurture Your Dedication to Ethical Fashion This Spring


You can follow the trends or you can start them. No matter what you've bought in the past or what you know, right now is the time to make a change. 

A milestone of the ethical fashion calendar—an agenda wholly different from the traditional spring-fall fashion cycle—is Fashion Revolution Day which commemorates when Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh, killing 1,134 garment factory workers. It's become rather cliché to say, but it's true that the tragedy shocked me into action. Eyes opened by the carnage of that day and having the time an inclination to further investigate, this event preceded one of the most transformational periods of my life thus far. The search for transparency and sustainability that grew from that day has seeped into all parts of my life. Even though I have moved past the basics of ethical fashion, I still consider it a valuable place to nurture broader sustainability. Unlike say, food, most of us have enough clothes to avoid buying more while we learn and our personal connection with clothing lends itself well to change. You'll be hearing more about Fashion Revolution from myself and the other Ethical Writers in the coming weeks. For now, I want to make you aware of the opportunities to get involved and create change. 

Photo Credit:  Fashion Revolution

Photo Credit: Fashion Revolution

A worldwide social media campaign that grows larger every year, Fashion Revolution Day is, in the words of founder Carry Somers, "not meant to be a new movement, but a way of bringing together all the people who are already calling for change." It's a chance to regroup and realign the movement by bringing together disparate groups that work year-round towards ethical fashion—consumers, producers, workers, and brands—and create a visible united front for the day. I'm guessing it's not a high-water mark for conventional brands as evidenced by H&M's attempt to thunder-steal this year

If you're in NYC, you're invited to join the Ethical Writers and Kaight Shop for a free Fashion Revolution event! Get your photo taken with your clothing turned #inside­out so you can join the movement by asking brands #whomademyclothes? Guests will also enjoy a discount off all new items at Kaight plus a sparkling cocktail.

Sunday, April 17th, 2­-5pm
Kaight Shop
382 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

Everyone else, consider throwing your own event with friends or simply participating in the now week-long campaign April 18-24


Bi-Annual Fashion Swap

Ethical Writers Coalition Bi-Annual Fashion Swap

Sustainably clothing yourself includes second hand shopping. Mark your calendar for the Ethical Writers Coalition's spring fashion swap! On May 14th, we'll be mixing it up with free clothes, cocktails, and more—this time at Better Than Jam in Brooklyn. Save your clean, unwanted, spring season clothes (men's and women's) to bring and trade. Tickets go on sale soon, so sign up for our events newsletter to be notified. 

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