4 Reasons Why We Swap

We want as many people as possible to know that swapping can be a fun and elevated experience that keeps unwanted clothing in circulation and out of landfills.

The Spring 2016 Swap was the biggest to date for the Ethical Writers here in NYC. These events are a lot of work to pull off, so you might wonder why we organize them twice a year. The first and most important reason is education. We want as many people as possible to know that swapping can be a fun and elevated experience that keeps unwanted clothing in circulation and out of landfills. Textile waste contributes to greenhouse gases when it decomposes, so it needs to be disposed of properly (just like any other material). Americans toss out 70 pounds of textile waste per year and only a small percentage gets reused; we'd like to help change that statistic. Beyond the very important education, there are three cheerier reasons to swap with us (or anyone). 


For The Friends

New York members of the Ethical Writers Coalition came out in record numbers this year. Faye of Sustaining Life, Alden of EcoCult, Emma of Past Fashion Future, Rebecca of This I Wear, Nichole of Green or Die, Renee of Model4GreenLiving, Brittany of Sparkle Kitchen, and Juhea of Peaceful Dumpling all came to help and mingle. Guests often attend with their own friends and we love meeting our followers and their pals. 


For The Fashion

Obviously, clothing swaps are about the fashion. People who attend swaps love the thrill of the hunt and a good bargain, but know serendipity is a fickle friend. Though I didn't find anything for myself this time, I made sure to ask what people bagged as I make my way around the room. Tabitha Saint Bernard of Tabii Just scored the best oversized jacket from the men's section; other swappers snagged light dresses and strappy sandals for spring.

We also enjoy partnering with ethical and sustainable fashion companies and introducing them to our guests! We were delighted to invite Lynn Davis of Givrr App to tell everyone all about her upcoming 2017 launch. Givrr is a peer-to-peer swap marketplace where you can sign up to exchange clothing with people all over the world. 

Swap sponsor and Ethical Writer, Sara Weinreb of IMBY, sold her collection of 100% American made pieces and connected with ethical shoppers.

Andrea Reyes of A. Bernadette returned this year with her fair-trade items all made from recycled materials by women's co-ops in Uganda. Their wide range of bags are perfect for swappers who take home a little more than they can carry (a good thing!). 


 For The Free Stuff

Let's be honestโ€”we all love free stuff. But as sustainability experts, we make sure our free stuff meets our rigorous standards. The first 30 swappers to sign up for the event received a goody bag stuffed full of discounts from our favorite brands like Orange HarpStyleLend, and De Smet. Stuffed inside was Meow Meow Tweet's new stick deodorant which is biodegradable, non-toxic, and vegan. The reusable bags were generously provided by Garden Collage, a fresh lifestyle destination that brings gardening into readers' lives in fun, new ways. Men's goody bags included discounts from By Robert James, post-shave spray from Herbivore Botanicals, as well as discounts, collar stays, and sustainably-and-ethically-made pocket squares by Glass House Shirtmakers.  

Cocktails flowed as we mixed Stellar Organic Sparkling Wine with organic, Vermont-brewed teas courtesy of Owl's Brew. I highly recommend these for easy cocktails at home or at busy events like ours! 

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