Support This: 10 Inclusive Lingerie Brands to Love

Originally written for and published on Selva Beat Magazine

Due to my rebellious desire not to support naked capitalism rooted in objectification, I am currently the undignified owner of an extensive collection of panties that one can only describe as ‘tattered.’ Prior to being assigned this piece, I lacked the motivation to research my options, and so only my spouse and my laundry service knew my shame. Now knee-deep in ethical panty options, my search has led me to conclude that, indeed, “the personal is political” — and what’s more personal than your underthings?

Trans bodies, black bodies, brown bodies and their intersections are all current battlegrounds for rights and agency. Existence is resistance. If you think about it, lingerie is the bond between your naked truth and what you put out into the world as a fully-clothed being going to work, taking care of others, kicking ass and taking names. If our outer clothes can impart power and confidence, why not our inner ones?

As we fight against laws that seek to control, manage, and disappear our bodies, we want to highlight ethical brands working to represent diversity and inclusivity in the lingerie industry. As we push against unhealthy body images, labor conditions, and environmental damage, we want to share brands that embrace sustainability and wellness. Valentine’s Day marketing often depicts your body as a  “gift” for another, but we want to encourage radical self-love first.

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