Don't Miss Your Monthly Conscious Horoscope!

I write and illustrate a monthly horoscope column for Selva Beat Magazine. But instead of the usual recommendations, my advice encompasses ways to be a more conscious consumer and citizen. 

Here's an excerpt from the current sign, Leo:

The season of Leo, ruled by the Sun, is full of red hot positivity as the universe is lit up with powerful celestial forces. Your sunny outlook will be an asset to breaking down the fear associated with big challenges. This month, tackle one of the biggest — climate change — with practical and innovative gusto. 

These are a lot of fun to write. The entries mix the characteristics of each sign with advice to help yourself and others be more environmentally or socially conscious. I once told Pisces in the season of Cancer, "On June 21st, the Sun moves into your fifth house of self-expression. Use this interactive plate to figure out the water footprint of different foods and then get creative with low water usage ingredients. Try recipes made with fruits and veggies like cabbagesquash, and watermelon that require less water to grow."

In the season of Leo, I advised Aries, "If you are within the August 21st eclipse path, consider throwing a party to celebrate. You can make or buy solar powered lights, coolersspeakers, and chargers which will take you through the eclipse and into the night!"

Find all of the past horoscopes here and at every new sign's season on Selva Beat!


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